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Practice Tests

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Question 1
Design and describe an experiment to measure the relationship between rehearsal/repetition of a list of words and later recall of that same list of words. In your answer you should formulate a hypothesis and include a description of each of the following:
    • Population
    • Subject selection
    • Independent variable
    • Dependent variable
    • Experimental group
    • Control group
    • Potential confounding variable
    • A method of reducing experimenter bias

 AP  Practice Tests


Final exam review sheet  Final Exam Review for AP Psychology.doc 



Chapter 1studytestch1.rtf 


Chapter 2 studytestch2.rtf 


Chapter 3 studytestch3.rtf 


Chapter 4 studytestch4.rtf 


Chapter 5 studyguidech5.rtf


Chapter 6 studytestch6.rtf 


Chapter 7 chapter 7 study guide paractice test.rtf


Chapter 8  chapter 8 study test.rtf 


Chapter 9  STUDYTESTCH9.rtf 


Chapter 10  Practice Test


Chapter10and11practice test.doc

Chapter 11


Chapter 12STUDYTESTCH12.rtf 


Chapter 13STUDYTESTCH13.rtf 


Chapter 14STUDYTESTCH14.rtf 


Chapter 15STUDYTESTCH15.rtf 


Chapter 16STUDYTESTCH16.rtf 


Chapter 17STUDYTESTCH17.rtf 


Chapter 18STUDYTESTCH18.rtf 

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